The Power of the Doves

I saw a vision of Jesus teaching in a large auditorium. Doves were flying around the room in great numbers. As He taught, the Doves would land sitting on the people. Then the people would leave the building and walk to a City Park adjacent to the Auditorium. Others came from around the surrounding area to visit the Park. Those, with the Doves on them, would meet and bless the visitors to the park. Healing, deliverance, and miracles would take place for people in need.


Religious formality did not produce the help people needed. Believers in Christ, who received the Holy Spirit, were now doing what Jesus used to do while walking on the earth. The power of the Holy Spirit enabled believers in Christ to be God’s hand to distribute His blessings to the people of this world. 

(Reference: Luke chapter 10 and John chapter 14 verses 12 through 14.)