Parable of the combines

Who is harvesting America?

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Christianity is struggling to maintain its influence in our American culture. What if God revealed the mistakes we are making? “Parable of the Combines” records an account of many visions revealing a parable of the Church and dark forces struggling against each other over our cultural harvest field.



Parable of a Car Dealership

I saw an Automotive Dealership. Inside I observed a backroom meeting around a large table. They were discussing the building of another dealership of a different car brand on another piece of land.

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Ken Miller

Ken Miller grew up on a family farm where harvesting was the backbone of all activities. At age 20, a friend encouraged him to trust Christ and share his concerns with God. As an adult with a mature worldview, he would quiet his mind with nightly walks and prayer. He continues to focus his prayer on our American cultural, moral, and spiritual state. His primary prayer was to show him secrets in the Spirit realm of why America is moving away from a Christian culture. He wondered how God saw the problem.

Author Ken Miller published a religion and society book called “Parable Of The Combines” which is one of the best books about developing Christian culture as a contribution to those who have the same questions about today’s world.

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