Author Ken Miller

Author Ken Miller grew up on a family farm where Harvesting was the fundamental goal of all activities. As a young boy, hearing about the threat of Nuclear War created a passionate concern for the Nation. At age 20, Christian friends guided him to trust Christ and take his concerns to God. As an adult with a mature view of world events and a family, his wife Judy and two children, he began to walk and pray in the late evening to calm himself before retiring for the night. He focused his prayers on our American culture’s moral and spiritual condition. He could not understand why society was deteriorating with all the well-established Christian churches in America. His primary prayer was to show him secrets in the Spirit realm of why America is moving away from a Christian culture. He wanted to know how God saw this picture.

It never occurred to him God might answer him with a vision in parable form. This vision did not happen just once but periodically expanded differently from 1988 to 1993. At first, he wrote it as a collection of notes. Over the next 30 years, he organized it into a story. His goal was not to be a known author but to share a revelation. He realized this vision did not belong to him but to share with others. The Christian beliefs book, “Parable Of The Combines” by Author Ken Miller, contributes to those who have the same questions about our world today, It’s one of the best books about religion and spirituality you’ll ever find.