Parable of an Investment Broker

I was observing people coming and going through the door of a Financial Investment Firm. Inside, some people asked if they could purchase the investments directly without going through the Brokerage Fees. They were told they could only purchase through a broker.

A View through the Telescope

Looking through the telescope, I saw people being told they no longer needed the Holy Spirit to teach them because they now had the leadership of their Religious Institution to teach them. The institution was safer for truth because the people might not understand what the Spirit of God would say to them.


In the Gospel of John chapters 14 through 16, Jesus was recorded as teaching He would send the Comforter. The first two chapters of Acts records how the comforter came as the Holy Spirit. In Acts chapter two verses 38 and 39 Peter said the Holy Spirit would continue for future generations. No place in scripture is there some verses laying out the replacement of the Holy Spirit guiding each believer with an educational or religious structure.